pic_live_x-ray At Greenwood Dental, we pride ourselves in having state-of-the-art equipment and conveniences.You’ll be able to view x-rays instantly on a large screen while you relax in one of our comfortable chairs.
pic_entry The Greenwood Dental offices are decorated tastefully and accentuated by an engaging collection of fine art to provide a casual and inviting environment.
pic_chair Our chairs are not only comfortable, they are some of the nicest and cleanest you’ll find in any dental facility.
pic_tools We have the latest and greatest tools — all of which are squeaky clean. This ensures your health, comfort and safety.
pic_kid_area_01 We have clean areas for your children to play while you read a magazine, chat with our friendly staff or watch television.
pic_tv_ceiling Would you like something to take your mind off the procedure at hand?No problem! Relax in your chair and enjoy our in-ceiling television sets. With more than enough channels to choose from, headphones and a personal volume control, your mind will be on whatever you desire in no time flat!